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Imran Khan a.k.a. Wolf of Digital is an International Business Extraordinaire with a diversified portfolio in Technology, Healthcare, and Fitness. Imran has serviced more than 500+ businesses from building feasible business models, deploying 6 and 7 figure digital products, and mentoring entrepreneurs through their journeys to successes.

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    JG Business Law

    Imran is one of the most knowledgeable people I’ve come across in business and technology. He is extremely articulate the way he carries his conversations and educates on the process to create a new innovative digital product. It was a pleasure to meet Imran!

    Jim G.

    Encompass Medical Partners

    Solid Man. Solid company. Organizational infrastructure to deliver on their service model and customer promises is sound. Arguably the most responsive IT team I’ve worked with in any capacity. Would recommend to others and will continue to work with Imran and his organization for my future projects. Feel free to reach me for a personal recommendation

    Micah Driver

    Peak Productions

    Imran and his team of experts are the best to work with. They have exceptional skills and abilities when it comes to technology. They have the capability to do any tech job you can think of. Best decision I made was to dive into my concept with Imran who educated me through the process of starting my journey as an entrepreneur and bringing my idea to life. I couldn’t be more thankful!

    Robert M.

    Bally Capital Management

    I had a fantastic experience working with Imran and his team. I had several moving parts to my project and the team’s attention to detail to make certain that everything was implemented to my expectations was outstanding. While every aspect of my experience was excellent, one that stood out was how good and fast the communication was with all team members. I would absolutely recommend Imran and his team as well as work with them again for my future projects.

    Benjamin. G


    I have had such a great experience working with Imran and his team. They are still working on projects for us and we will continue working with Imran and his team. They have been helping with optimizing our complete business model and operations business flow process. I also met with Imran in person and he was very generous with his time and talent. He really allowed me to view my business from a new perspective by educating me through his own personal experiences. I look forward to a long relationship with him and his team!


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This podcast is created to help entrepreneurs and businesses excel in their industry and niches strategically with the latest cutting-edge technology trends and sharing more than 10+ years of life lessons of the success mindset. Imran is a serial entrepreneur with an extensive background in finance and business giving him the edge in building feasible business models. His life experience in launching multiple startups and being the CEO and Consultant at Technerds.com allowed him to establish a diversified portfolio working with startups, investors, innovators and multinational corporations. You don't want to miss out on the strategies and lessons revealed on this podcast to help grow your mindset in business as an Entrepreneur. Visit wolfofdigitalofficial.com to sign up for FREE Webinars.