How to invest in a mobile application

5 Things You Must Know Before Investing in Mobile Apps

Based on the Pew Research Centre Survey, 68% adults residing in America own a smartphone, 38% of them download more than 20 apps and 7% of them are reported to have more than 50 apps on their smartphone. According to a 2017 article from Techcrunch, owners of smartphones use an average of nine apps per day and access around 30 apps per month.


Investing in a mobile app

Are you planning to invest in a mobile app?

A cumulative section of smartphone users opt to download mobile apps for their engagement with a brand and/or business. So, a mobile app is becoming a natural evolution that can provide customers with a more unique and personal experience.  But considering a mobile app for your business and then thinking of how to carry out the entire plan is a critical task and requires executive decisions to be made in exchange for your time and money.

The most critical traits you will tested on will be – patience, trust, and time. With these 3 traits in mind, you can help ease your thought process as an entrepreneur working with your team, establishing a relationship, and measuring results.

Here are the things you need to know when investing in a mobile app.



How to identify a goal

Identify the Goal

The number one reason many people fail is due to overlooking what the actual goal is. You need to understand what your customers want and how you can provide maximum value to them. Let’s take a deeper look at what questions you need to ask to help better identify the goals:

  • What valuable experience can you give to the users?
  • Why will the users download your app or join your network?
  • What should be your business model?
  • What will be your strategy to work on the operations of the business?
  • How can you make money from the app?

These are just a few of the questions that will help you outline your goals on how you can provide maximum value to users who will be downloading and using your mobile application. It’s also important to note, being in a hurry can offer you nothing, except disappointment and discouragement. Excitement is there in the initial stages of starting your idea, but so is anxiety. As per Imran Khan, the Owner, and Founder of, “Business revolves around patience. The more patient you are, the more successful your business and you can be.”


Hiring mobile app agencies


It’s time to search for professionals who can help bring your project to life.

That will require you to search the market for the right fit for your needs. So, the search begins,,,, and as your searching for professionals in the U.S. or overseas you will come to discover it’s actually not so easy. Even if you have a decent budget with a clear conceptual goal you really don’t know exactly who to trust, how much to pay, who to hire, how long it will take, etc. That’s why it’s important to invest the time to interview, shortlist freelancers and agencies from various networks, start collecting information and comparing top candidates that your energy syncs well with.

CEO at, Imran says, “It’s not just about getting your project done, if that’s how you’re going into this, your going to get burned. It’s important to make sure whoever you’re going to work with that you can actually create a solid and trustworthy relationship. Many people in the market today can care less about you or your project, they just focus on making that dollar”.


Stages of app development

Scope of Work

After you’ve done your due-diligence and gone through the interview phases and collected proposals from your top candidates you’ll notice that the experienced professionals are providing you with an initial scope of work.

What’s a Scope of Work?

A scope of work outlines a summary “blueprint” of what it takes to bring your idea to life. If it’s your first scope you’re receiving from an agency or freelancer, then consider it a drafted scope that provides an estimated timeline, required resources, types of activities that will be performed, and milestone deliverables.

CEO of says, “It’s important to note that no agency or freelancer is going to have all the answers for your in the initial scope. It will require multiple meetings to decipher and dissect the exact functions, features, and the build of the project”.

Usually, the business consultant brings a project manager or team lead to the next meeting to help extract and collect as much information required for the app. Engaging from your ideas, thoughts, and visions will help target what features and functions of the app that you would like? What kind of experience do you want to provide to users? Is it a subscription-based app, a free network, or a one-time model with purchases to be made within the app?

The more questions there are the better. This will help you iron out your thoughts and really get focused on exactly what you want your app to do.

Project Management

Kick Off

Let’s fast forward – you’ve hired the team and signed the contract agreement, what can you expect to happen next?

“A lot of meetings, messages, and overwhelming happiness, excitement, and anxiety all at the same time,” says Imran. “It’s a new journey in life, a new chapter, with a lot of hope and ambition to cause disruption in the app market and the industry niche. The feeling of achieving that goal of finally hiring and working with a team is something to be celebrated to kick off a good positive boost of momentum to motivate everyone”.

During these calls and meetings expect to provide media assets, like videos and pictures, content, and any access to hosting and other plugins you may need for your mobile application project.

At, they’ve streamlined this process by providing a task management tool, called the CRM.

What makes a good app?
A simple interface, easy navigations,  good speed performance, viable features, and seamless functionalities are characters of a good and valuable mobile application. Try to be practical and trust your app developers and the project manager’s input on the different perspectives to approach the app. Once you start progressing with the app, it is then, when many realize later they want to make changes or additions to the app. That’s totally okay! Great ideas take time to build up, with those ideas you get the opportunity to provide more dynamic, personal, and user-friendly experiences.


Mobile app development agency

Milestones & Deliverables

After working with your team over time, you’ll have built a relationship that allows you to synchronize with them using messages, meetings, phone calls, and e-mails. There will be unexpected situations that can occur. Depending on who you’ve hired and are working with, especially if this is your first time, you’ll experience a lot of unexpected events that will test your patience and trust. But that’s what it takes to start this journey as an entrepreneur of investing in yourself and the team you’ve hired.

Milestones and deliverables can be delayed.

As in technology nothing is ever 100% accurate when it comes to the initial research and development of any product. It requires extensive time and focus, especially since technology changes so fast. For example, by the time a plugin is integrated into the application during the early stages of development, the team gets notified that now the plugin requires to be updated, as the initial plugin has been expired or has an additional component to be integrated for it to operate.

Things of this nature happen quite frequently.

As your team progresses in building out the app from the design stages to front end build and back end programming, you’ll be provided with test flight opportunities where you’ll get a first-hand experience on the prototype phases of your app build. During these milestone stages, it’s important to involve people, like friends and family, who you trust to provide you with honest feedback. This will help ensure that the user experience is being cross-checked for mobile-friendliness, ease of navigation through the app, and is enjoyable while receiving the benefits. During the prototype phases, you will not experience all the functions and features working, but the basic core functions required for it to be operating like an app.

Imran says, “It’s not easy to invest in something you’ve never done before, like programming or going into a digital investment, but I can tell you when you decide to take that step, you’ll be opening doors that you’ve never dreamt of. Opportunities will unfold and relationships will be created which may lead you to abundance in wealth, knowledge, and successes.”

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