How I Bridge Technology and Entrepreneurs with

Technology innovation has disrupted world economies with companies like Uber, Grubhub, Airbnb, Amazon. These innovative marketplace ideas have changed the way society behaves and has paved the road for ambitious Entrepreneurs to take risks, create, disrupt, and conquer while impacting and making millions $$$.

Today, there are more Entrepreneurs than ever transitioning from the traditional 9 to 5 and diving into Entrepreneurship.

There are over 400 million Entrepreneurs in the world and growing at a rate of 18,000 every single day.

What’s even more phenomenal is how limitless opportunities are in a marketplace.

See the video below of me explaining marketplaces and how they work.

Sometimes all you need is a really great idea which you are passionate about.
Passion supersedes the competition.
The only thing that fuels you while on your journey is the rewarding intrinsic value that continuously multiplies as you endure the struggles patiently and win against the odds.

If you are in it to make money, it won’t be enough to execute and disrupt a market.

You will quickly drown from the unexpected lifestyle changes and challenges that are encountered on a moment by moment basis.

There are many great ideas that may cross your mind often that you are passionate about, but no idea on how to execute on them. So your passion doesn’t ever get the opportunity to grow and evolve. 

Which goes back to what you are doing and who you are spending your time with. 

Your circle of influence is the critical basis on the life you set out and hope to expect. 

If your circle doesn’t have knowledge, morals, intellect, or any positive influence, then you may want to consider joining the Wolf Pack!

That’s where I come in and help bridge the gap between Technology and Entrepreneurs.

First thing’s first, if you want to start a business and take a journey into Entrepreneurship to start on your idea, you need to make sure you have a very clear vision of your goal. Your goal is going to help you determine the direction of your planning, who will be involved, and what type of investment you will want to place. Being an Entrepreneur requires you to invest money, time, and energy. And often it will be unexpected events.

Many people I come across think either they don’t have what it takes, or they are not the “chosen one”, they don’t have enough time, or they feel they don’t have the money to invest to make it happen. 


Truth is, these are nothing but lies being fed to yourself.

(Image above: Here are a few Entrepreneur’s who made it big who came from nothing)


These Successful Entrepreneurs who made it big should allow your mind to open up and validate the idea that anything is possible. The moment you allow your mind to accept opportunities, the more empowerment you will gain within yourself. You will rely less on others approval.

One of the biggest challenges Startups, Investors, Entrepreneurs, and Businesses face is getting the right and qualified resources when it comes to Technology. Usually, many people go to Freelancer Marketplaces like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, but none of these actually hold any true standards. So they rely on trial and error, which cost a lot of time and money potentially being burned before realizing it’s too late and the freelancer or agency hired was not a good fit. 

This results in discouragement of achieving the goal set out and ultimately quitting.

As I chose to take on the name Wolf of Digital, I made it my mission to travel the world and find top talent resources when it comes to Technology and Business and hire them within my firm –

By getting the ability to travel outside the states and hand-picking the best resources and bridging the gap for Technology and Business solutions has become one of the leading digital service companies in the U.S., Canada, & United Kingdom, among 7 other countries and continuing to grow rapidly!

With business mentorship from myself and our Operations Management experts, experienced Project Managers, we are able to provide streamlined and sophisticated solutions for:

Mobile Application Design and Development

Website Development 

Publishing Platforms

Learning Management Systems

Point of Sale Systems

Marketplace Platforms

Marketing Solutions

Lead Generation Services

And many more!

We have set up a complete process from discovering your goals, identifying competitors with aggressive market research, learning about consumer behavior and user behavior, as well as optimizing the most simple and cost-effective paths to design, develop, and deploy almost any idea into the market.

Many companies expect you to pay upfront or within a short period of time. As an Entrepreneur Mentor, I learned over time in order for New Entrepreneurs to take risks they need to have the backing of a Partner. 

With my New Partner Program at, we have opened up finance and equity solutions where TechNerds takes on risk with Entrepreneurs who want to bring their idea to life, but don’t have the cash flow or team to execute. With an affordable monthly payment plan and granted equity, our Partners feel more confident than ever to pursue their goals, while knowing they are backed up by a complete team of Business and Tech Experts.

If you have been holding on to an idea or if you already have an existing business and struggling to find the right connections to grow, look no further, is the #1 Technology Plug tailored for all your digital needs. 

As a Business and Entrepreneur Mentor, I have made it my mission to provide seamless and affordable solutions for Entrepreneurs and Startups to help bring their visions to life without hassle. 

If you are interested in learning more about how our services work, please visit to schedule a FREE Consultation today!