It’s Freedom O’clock. Did you punch in yet?

Here’s some advice on how to exit the 9-5 and enter The Entrepreneurial World.

  • Imagine a Monday morning where you are excited about the rest of your day – precisely your lifestyle? Everyday feels like Friday!
  • What about taking a Friday off without having to ask your boss so that you can take your kids to the long weekend trip you planned?
  • Do you envy your friends who travel more often and take vacations every year?
  • And most importantly, do you feel a constant emptiness and guilt for not following your dreams?

What if I told you that you can enjoy everything life has to offer starting right now? You don’t need to be excessively wealthy or wait for retirement to be able to start following your dreams and living the life that you wish. You can start today! And no this is not another one of those “how to make 100K” gimmicks.

No bullsh*t, many people come to me with their startup ideas and how stuck they are with their current jobs to be working on their own dreams. Most of them are now running successful and profitable businesses enjoying the life of their dreams. Freedom.


“Imran is very professional and knowledgeable in technology and business. I explained to Imran what I wanted as a new entrepreneur starting my own company and he provided excellent advice before the project even started and followed through every single details. We setup milestones together and delivered according to schedule. His team was very professional and available when needed them. I finally got the opportunity to take the dive and quit my job and focus 100% on my passion. I will highly hire Imran and his team in the future and recommend his group to the entrepreneur and startup communities.”

Carl M Ashmore Services, LLC

I can teach you to do the same.

Exiting the 9-5 is more about being mentally prepared for it rather than financially.

• Are you ready to take control of your life and live your dreams?

Don’t think you are alone, there is a rising exodus of employees from the corporate cubicle. And here are the major reasons for the want to quit:

  • 43% of employees want control over their career
  • 33% want to leave for financial reasons
  • 32% want to leave for family reasons
  • 15% want to leave for health reasons

However, most people cannot quit their jobs right away because of debts and financial obligations. As per a survey, here is how people are preparing for the glorious day they’d quit their jobs and walk down the road of freedom.

  • 58% are saving money or paying off debt
  • 52% are learning new skills
  • 45% are reaching out to potential clients
  • 42% are taking advice from other entrepreneurs
  • 36% are building their personal brand online
  • 26% are taking courses in-person or online
  • 26% are lining up investors or partners

Here, I am enjoying a nice trip off-roading on a Monday through the mountains and trenches of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.


A trip that would never have happened if I kept my corporate day job.


Change the Worker Bee Mindset!

After quitting my 6-figure job and starting my own digital agency I realized that the most critical hindrance to starting your own thing is not finances, or responsibilities, rather the mindset. It’s the knowing on the “how-to’s.”

  • People worry less about debt and finances and more about worse-case scenarios. There is a high concern on the security of going into the unknown. Something they’ve never done before. It’s the fear of not knowing exactly what could happen when stepping outside that daily habitual comfort zone. I want to tell you this, that fear is normal and so is not knowing everything. Embrace it.
  • When I quit my job, the reason was not financial (not to the very least). I was earning a handsome amount and I had no monetary security to replace my salary, no savings, absolutely zero security. But it was the mindset that changed and adapted for the better. I knew I could do it and I knew I had to fail before I would learn how to make it right. I can tell you this, the struggle holds the gift of freedom!
  • And once I stepped into this mindset, I cut down the “ifs and buts” off my long yearned for goals and turned someday into today.
  • The reason I am sharing my story with you is so that you can rethink your work-life and shift your mindset from an employee to an entrepreneur, from a sheep to a Wolf!


Income & Financial/Debt Strategies

The first thing people worry about when quitting their job is income. They are concerned about their running expenses and how will they manage if they have no source of income? The truth is, there are many ways to earn an income even if you are NOT employed.

This is what I tell employees who come to me for guidance about starting their own entrepreneurial journey.

Reduce your expenses and find an alternate source of income #HUSTLE

  • An alternate source of income or hustle could be freelancing, offering a service, selling products on Amazon or another e-commerce store, blogging, affiliate marketing, drop shipping etc. There are literally thousands of ways to make money today on the internet, it’s about actually DOING the work and investing the time and energy into it to get real results.
  • Once you reduce expenses and start earning a side income, you will be able to better judge and manage your finances and prepare the day you quit your job and transition into full-time entrepreneur or Wolf.
  • Start figuring out your debts and payables. Say goodbye to the luxurious lifestyle and do not overburden yourself with things that are not a necessity. Here is a great piece about dealing with debt when quitting your job.


Take the Step

The most important thing to remember is that there is no right time to quit a job that you hate and that stops you from personal growth. There is never an appropriate time to say goodbye to your salary and benefits. However, what matters is whether you really want to do it? This is where the mindset needs to kick in and train itself to exit the zone of comfort its been living in.

Will you muster the courage it takes to follow your dreams? There’s this beautiful saying, “Build your dream before someone else hires you to build theirs.” So, don’t wait too long, even if you cannot quit right away due to financial obligations, at least you can start planning and executing simple tasks right now to pave the path to your freedom.

  • Instead of having an impulsive approach, it’s better to build a side hustle and start working on your idea alongside your current situation. Then, when you are ready and it makes sense for you, you can kick the day job.
  • Some people, however, prefer “Now Or Never” attitude. It’s your call if you want to quit right away and then be in a sink or swim situation, by the way, you’ll learn quicker and grow faster this route, that’s what I did #wolfmindset. It’s more suitable if you don’t have a family depending on you or heavy liabilities that could cause serious damage to the well-being of others. So measure your risks appropriately.
  • Here are 5 signs by Forbes on when to quit your job.

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