How a $90,000 Salary is really $16.57/hr

For many working professionals, an hour may be worth $10 and maybe even $500. And to others, they have a different approach to measuring time and money. 

After experiencing more than 7 years as a Professional Accountant working in different industries among some of the world’s biggest multinational billion-dollar organizations I’ve come to a realization of a very important issue that rose to my mind. The amount of time I was exchanging for a $90,000 salary, it just didn’t add up.

Here is the formula I created for the hourly exchange rate of life for a job.

*Reference: Based on US National Averages

The beginning of “work” actually begins at the intention of placing energy and focus.

5:30am Waking up and having the initial intention of getting ready for work (when work really begins)
6:45am Driving to work
8:00am Begin work
6:00pm Leave work
7:30pm Getting home (of course, after fighting traffic)

In conclusion
14-hour day x 5 days a week = 70 hours a week all catered around “work”.

$90,000/year over 3,640 hours (70 hours x 52 weeks) a year= $24.73

That means my hourly rate of life exchanged for $24.73!

It gets even better, after taxes that’s around $16.57 per hour!

(excluding paid holidays, vacation, sick pay etc.)

Now, I’m not saying that having a job is a bad thing if you’re happy doing so, but what I am saying is to really ask yourself what is your time worth to you?

Being afraid and having doubts will always hold you back from achieving the greater things in life. I mean being responsible for your own life is pretty important if you ask me.

Why would you enslave yourself into something you’re not happy about?

I will tell you why.

Because you are comfortable and you’re scared of the unknown.

You are afraid that you’re not good enough.

That you will fail.

That it will be the end of you and everything you are because you are so uncertain.

Let me tell you something.

You are completely lying and deceiving yourself by thinking that.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been there. I know what held me back and why.
Now I am sharing with you!

Because I know you never tried and you know that already. I am just reminding you now.

You haven’t really taken “risks” in your life.

And I mean really tried and taken risks. You only move around the same herd of people that are also in the same boring circle being comfortable.

If any sort of change occurs it will disrupt them to their core causing anxiety and stress. As well as you. Because that’s usually what we like to stick around, the same comfortable things every day, especially when we don’t like change.

Life is about the experience.

Not about money.

And if you are not experiencing a shit load of fun while you’re working, then you’re burning away your life.

Remember there is fun then there is REAL FUN!

Blog-2(This is me off-roading in Mexico in the mountains on a Monday morning).

If you think those few moments at work where you get to have a nice chat about your emotions or listen to other co-workers problems are fun, then you’re right. That’s exactly the type of fun that will entertain your brain, emotions and life for the next 40 – 50 years.

Now, if you are serious about having real fun, you have to remember it’s all in the experience of making it fun.

It’s all going to be based on your perception and what you choose to see as fun.

Let me tell you something, a life spent working for others and trading your hours for money isn’t a life lived enough.

The dilemma is that even our education system doesn’t train us about critical areas like money, wealth management, self-sustainability, and entrepreneurship.

This, in turn, leads to creating more and more graduates with employee mindset whose higher aim in life is nothing but finding a decent paying job and sticking to it forever.

Now look at it from the other perspective:
You get out of college or drop out, and instead of looking for a job, you decide to do something on your own. Something that is driving you and your passion. Maybe you like working on cars, or you like to workout, or you like to go out and meet new people and go new places and travel.

Any of these passions that I mentioned could be part freelancing, project management, affiliate marketing, blogging or any other way to build income and be an entrepreneur.

(There are infinite ways to earn, if you Google right now, you will find at least 10 that resonate with you)!

But you are afraid, you are unsure; you don’t know whether your idea will be a success, but let me tell you this, TAKE THE RISK!


Because your life will be in your control, your time will only be spent in creating your business and doing it when you want and how you want.

You and only you will own your effort and its results. No one will be making profits of your hard work and only substituting an hourly wage for you.

You will be free to spend your time and energy on your idea and work with all your heart to build something that you truly love.

You will learn a hell of a lot more going on your own path, than following the masses doing the same damn thing.

A strong feeling of motivation will arise within yourself, this sense of belongingness is what makes entrepreneurs start from a garage and build a business tycoon in years to come.

The ability to live freely and do what you love with no interruption from an annoying boss or co-workers is what accelerates passion backed up by action.

Being an entrepreneur is as simple as planting a seed and cultivating a forest. It takes time, and effort, care, dedication and an immense amount of focus, but the reward is so damn worth it!

The idea is your seed.

And only carefully picked and evaluated seeds reap into healthy plants. So, spend your time finding your niche. Something that moves you, which solves a problem, which has a potential and built from your passion and inner deep beliefs that you truly stand for.

Pick your idea carefully, then validate it by researching the internet on the industry, the market, and competitors. If you have crossed this phase, you then sow your seed in the right season. Everything will flow and connect, it will be a gut instinct that kicks in for you. Kind of like the aha’ moment.

Building a business strategy is not overnight. It can take months, and sometimes even a hundred wrong strategies to finally come to the right one.

This is where your patience and ambition is tested.

True entrepreneurs are the ones who don’t fear failures, rather embrace them and learn from them in order to grow stronger. A mistake is only a mistake if repeated, else wise, it’s just learning.

Finally, when you have the right strategy, you can see the seed budding. You get leads and even if a teeny bit of conversions, you will know your idea has worked. You are a creator and that should be enough of a motivation to keep going further, keep tweaking your designs, copy and service to improve conversions and decrease bounce rates.

As your little plant starts to grow, you begin realizing the true worth of your time. If you had not been brave enough to take the risk 2 years back and do your own thing, you would be still working for someone. Of course, it would have been easier, sitting behind a desk, completing allocated tasks and receiving a paycheck every month, but that would have been it.

Your monthly wage, going to running expenses and maintaining lifestyle, in 2-3 years you would have been just the same. Or at most would have enjoyed a vacation after saving some of your wages.

But would you have been a creator?
Would there have been a business under your name?
Would you ever be able to enjoy financial freedom?
Would your dreams and desires be achieved?

Of course not, you would have just traded your life against nominal wages.

After this stage growth is automatic.

Once a mature plant, it doesn’t need much to become a tree that not only helps you breathe but shades others, adds value to the environment, benefits many lives and keeps growing.

This is what entrepreneurship truly means.

Rest of your life?

You just sit back and reap what you had sowed.

Interviewers, followers, fans, even authors, they come to you and ask, how were you fortunate enough to turn nothing into something?

And you smile back because you know there is no such thing as luck.

Fortune favors the brave.

Only those who have the heart to take risks and think beyond the normal are rewarded with true success.

Like I mentioned at the start, if you are happy with your current job/state/earning, you should continue doing so, but if you are someone who can rise above the average, who yearns to find his/her true calling, who wants to risk some years to be able to actually live for the rest of life in freedom, then I congratulate you and welcome you to unlock the doors to 6-figure or 7-figure income and a life worth living.

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